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Children´s puzzle PAINT YOUR PICTURE, consists of 4 different puzzles (to colour in) and 4 felt tip pens, packed in...
Art. no.: 56-0504091

Colouring set CRAZY ANIMALS with 12 colouring pages with different motives to colour in, 8 coloured pencils...
Art. no.: 56-0504096

Painting set PICTURE-PERFECT, 19 pieces: consists of 10 sharpened natural wood colouring pencils and 9 wax crayons...
Art. no.: 56-0504097

Painting set CROCODILE: consists of 4 felt-tip pens in different colours and soft toy to colour, packed in PVC bag...
Art. no.: 56-0504099

Modelling clay FUNNY ACTIVITY, includes 16 different coloured clay sticks, 2 shape cutters and 4 tools (colours and...
Art. no.: 56-0504100

Stamp set FANCY: consists of 5 wooden stamps with various patterns, 1 ink pad in 4 basic colours with lid, in paper...
Art. no.: 56-0504101

Heart-shaped paper punch HEART CUT with key ring
Art. no.: 56-0504102

Rubber bands set COLOURED CURLY consists of 300 bands, 12 S-shaped plastic clips and 1 plastic hook needle – for...
Art. no.: 56-0504103

Colouring set COLOURFUL LEVEL to try out various colouring techniques in many colours: consists of 12 water colours...
Art. no.: 56-0504105

Pen set WOUND UP: consists of eraser, wooden pencil sharpener, ballpoint pen (blue ink) with cap, pencil (not...
Art. no.: 56-0504106

Colouring set GAUDY: 12 coloured pencils, 12 felt-tip pens, 12 x pastel chalk, 12 water-based pens,1 brush, 1...
Art. no.: 56-0504107

Painting set BRUSH & EASEL: canvas on wooden easel with design to colour in, 1 paint brush with 3 water colours...
Art. no.: 56-0504108

Small cotton bag PAINT YOUR POCKET for children: with design to colour in on the front side, incl. 4 felt-tip pens...
Art. no.: 56-0504109

Children´s bib apron COLOURFUL KITCHEN: with design to colour in on the front, 4 felt-tip pens in 4 different...
Art. no.: 56-0504110

Drawstring bag to colour in COLOURFUL SPORT: printed with Christmas designs, 4 felt-tip pens to colour in
Art. no.: 56-0504111

Backpack for colouring COLOURFUL HOBBY: backpack with carrying handles, with printed design and 4 felt-tip pens to...
Art. no.: 56-0504113

Entertaining travel game 4 IN A LINE with yellow and red tokens packed in a gift box
Art. no.: 56-0505039

Patience games TRICKY THING: 24 assorted cubes with colourful inner games
Art. no.: 56-0505040

Tricky metal puzzle CLEVER CONCEPTION with hooks, 4-times assorted
Art. no.: 56-0505046

Patience game THINK ABOUT in metal box with a paper label, 5-times assorted
Art. no.: 56-0505063

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