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Double-walled travel mug ON THE WAY: made of stainless steel on the outside and plastic on the inside, with convenient...
Art. no.: 56-0304318

Double-walled travel mug HOT DRINK: with stainless steel ring on the outside and plastic on the inside, with drink opening...
Art. no.: 56-0304322

7 piece stainless steel hip flask set GENTLEMAN, consists of a hip flask (approx.: 210 ml), a funnel, 4 small cups, and...
Art. no.: 56-0304323

Spaghetti set AL DENTE with a cheese grater, spaghetti portioner, spaghetti tong, and a ladle
Art. no.: 56-0304331

Hip flask COWBOY consists of flask (approx. 150 ml capacity), funnel, and 2 cups, packed in a box
Art. no.: 56-0304344

Stainless steel straw DRINK ELEGANT: incl. brush for easy cleaning, in environmentally-friendly cotton bag
Art. no.: 56-0304345

Salt and pepper shaker set SPICE FLAVOR made of stainless steel, with transparent window, twist mechanism and ceramic...
Art. no.: 56-0304346

Cheese cutlery set CHEESE consists of soft cheese knife, hard cheese knife, cheese plane and blade with a waved pattern,...
Art. no.: 56-0304358

Fruit cutlery set FRUITY consists of an orange knife, lemon grater, pulp spoon, and apple corer, all have a practical loop...
Art. no.: 56-0304359

Stainless steel cutlery set ROASTBEEF, consists of a knife and a fork packed in a silver case with a transparent lid
Art. no.: 56-0304370

Salt and pepper mill INNOVATION: with rubber-coated surface, transparent looking area and twist mechanism, twist one way...
Art. no.: 56-0304373

Oil and vinegar bottles LIFESTYLE for precise and hygienic dosage, glass bottle with screwable metal/plastic lid - easy to...
Art. no.: 56-0304375

Stainless steel tea strainer SWEET TEA: ideal dosage for a cup or a small tea pot – convenient one-hand control, spherical...
Art. no.: 56-0304384

Tea rod GREAT PLEASURE with a strainer and a press mechanism for easy filling and emptying, packed in a gift box
Art. no.: 56-0304385

Stainless steel spice rack FANTASTIC: contains 6 colourful stainless steel spice tins with magnetic bottom and lid with...
Art. no.: 56-0304387

Cookie cutter set COOKIE with 6 stainless steel cutters in various Christmas designs – ideal for baking cookies,...
Art. no.: 56-0304398

Baking cups CUPCAKE: 4 differently coloured flexible baking cups made of silicone, heat-resistant and food safe, with...
Art. no.: 56-0304404

Tea box TEA LOUNGE: with 5 separate compartments for tea bags, with glass lid and snap latch, made of bamboo
Art. no.: 56-0304405

Salt and pepper mill BOTH TOGETHER: transparent window and twist mechanism on both sides – grinds salt on one side, pepper...
Art. no.: 56-0304406

All-purpose grater PREPARE IT: made of stainless steel, suitable for hard cheeses, vegetables, chocolate, etc., with rubber ...
Art. no.: 56-0304407

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