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259 articles in category Outdoor

Universal cooling mat FRIDGET: immediate cooling effect without electricity or water
Art. no.: 56-1000023

Tire pressure measuring device UNDER PRESSURE: with LCD display, emergency hammer, integrated LED flashlight, 5...
Art. no.: 58-0300670

Pocket knife EXTREME: with 11 tool functions: knife, can opener, corkscrew, bottle opener, slotted and crosstip...
Art. no.: 58-0300830

Pocket knife PRESTIGE, foldable: stainless steel blade, belt clip, smooth grip with grained wood application, incl....
Art. no.: 58-0300909

Dart game 501: stable unrollable cardboard, front and back side can be used to play, with 6 magnetic darts, can be...
Art. no.: 58-0500140

Golf set HOLE-IN-ONE: 3 pcs metal club with rubber-coated grip can be screwed together, rollable green (189 x 23 cm) ...
Art. no.: 58-0500170

BBQ set GRILLMEISTER, made of stainless steel, 21 pcs: spatula, brush, knife, grill brush, fork, tongs and extra...
Art. no.: 58-0600217

BBQ set GRILLINO, 3 pcs: fork, spatula and tongs made of stainless steel, all pieces with long handle, in aluminium...
Art. no.: 58-0600227

BBQ set BBQ-CADDY, 7 pcs: spatula, tongs, grill brush, brush and fork, plastic handles in the design of golf clubs,...
Art. no.: 58-0600290

Elegant vacuum flask KEGEL: capacity approx. 0,5 l, made of stainless steel
Art. no.: 58-0600450

Elegant vacuum flask KEGEL: capacity approx. 0,5 l, made of stainless steel
Art. no.: 58-0600451

Picnic blanket KILTY, foldable: warm top side made of 100% polyester, with stain-resistant underside made of PVC,...
Art. no.: 58-0600503

Picnic bag 4 PICKNICK for 4 persons: zip bags at the side filled with 4 plastic plates and glasses, metal spoons,...
Art. no.: 58-0600519

Hand warmer HEAT: provides heat up to 40° C upon pressing the button, rechargeable via USB cable (length approx. 32...
Art. no.: 58-0600527

LED lamp READ: provides ideal reading light, with bookmark function, made of flexible rubber and plastic
Art. no.: 58-1101120

Shoe dryer DRY FEET: with automatic temperature control, 230 Volt socket connection, cable (length approx. 140cm)
Art. no.: 58-8036001

Yoyo UP & DOWN: with smooth metal movement, shows a star from the side, instruction manual for various games
Art. no.: 58-8053000

Fitness tracker TRACKER – the personal trainer for your wrist: with pedometer, distance meter, calorie counter,...
Art. no.: 58-8073001

HD action cam CATCH IT: resolution up to 1.080p, screen on the back side for immediate replay of videos, photos with ...
Art. no.: 58-8103005

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